Engelhardsberg observatory

open clusters NGC 457 and NGC 436

Full Resolution

Objects:  open cluster NGC 457 and NGC 436

Constellation:  Cassiopeia

Coordinates (J2000): 01h 19m 31; +58° 17' - North is right

Remarks:     NGC 457 (upper left) and NGC 436 (lower right) are open clusters in Cassiopeia, close examination reveals also several small galaxies in the field, the brightest is PGC 4831 in the upper left corner. The quality of the star shapes is degrating in the lower part of the image, this problem is still under examination

Telescope and camera: ASA 10", f 3.6, Focal length 900 mm, SBIG St-8300M, 8x Filterwheel

Mount: ASA DDM 85, Software: Autoslew V5.1, Sequence V9

Exposure: RGB each 12 x 5min, L 10 x 5 min, total nearly 4 hours

Date and Conditions: August 19, 2012, Engelhardsberg, Germany - stars in the beginning only to 4m8 (misty, conditions not suitable for imaging nebulae), later in the night a little bit better, Average FWHM 3,2" (CCDInspector V2.5), night really hot, 23° C at 02h00m in the morning !

Software used: acquisition: Maxim DL 5, Stacking: DeepSkyStacker 3.3.2, Processing: Adobe Photoshop CS4, PixInsight 1.7