NGC 6939 and NGC 6946


object galaxy NGC 6946 and open cluster NGC 6939
constellation Cygnus, the swan
equipment ASA Astrograph 10" at f/2,8, Astro modified Canon EOS 40D
exposure 10 x 300 sec (stars) and 36 x 300s (galaxy) at 800 ASA unguided
date June 05, 2010 Engelhardsberg Germany
conditions stars to 5m5, no astronomical twilight in June, later on moon above horizon
image processing DeepSkyStacker 3.3.2, Photoshop CS4, PixInsight 1.6
remarks The best 10 subframes were used to stack the stars, and all 36 subframes were used to stack the galaxy. This gave small, sharp stars and less noise in galaxy NGC 6946.