object open cluster M52 (left) with bubble nebula NGC 7635 (bottom), gas nebula Sh2-158 (right) and Sh2-159 (lower right)
constellation Cassiopeia
equipment ASA Astrograph 10" at f/2,8, Astro modified Canon EOS 40D, H-Alpha with EOS Clip Filter 12nm

Lights: 25 x 300 sec at 800 ASA unguided, H-Alpha: 19 x 600 sec at 800 ASA unguided

date Aug 9, 2010 Engelhardsberg Germany, Aug 22, 2010 (H-Alpha)
conditions stars to 5m2, some clouds, H-Alpha: moon, stars to 4m0
image processing DeepSkyStacker 3.3.2, Photoshop CS4, PixInsight 1.6
remarks close examination reveals some faint nebulae and some dark nebulae