Engelhardsberg observatory

Perseid Meteor Shower 2012

The Perseides were not very spectacular in 2012, below you find some pictures made on 12th and 13th of August


Meteor with broken path

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The brightest one

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A coloured meteor

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A coloured meteor and a second smaller one

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Objects:  Perseides 2012, all images made by Erika Fichtl, August 12th and August 13th 2012

Constellation:  differs, the main direction is South East capturing constellations from Aquila to Perseus and evth. between

camera: Canon EOS 5D MkII with Canon EOS 16-35/f2.8 mm lens used at 16mm at f/2.8

Mount: tripod, no guiding

Exposure: 30 seconds each at 1600 ASA, all pictures are full frame (uncropped) 5616x3744 pixels