ic 443


object IC 443
constellation Gemini
equipment ASA Astrograph 10" at f/2,8, Astro modified Canon EOS 40D
exposure 10 x 300 sec Light at 800 ASA, 4 x 600 sec HAlpha at 1600 ASA unguided
date Feb 08 2010 (Lights), Feb 20 2010 (HAlpha), Engelhardsberg Germany
conditions some clouds (cirrus), some  light subframes were exposed before the beginning of astronomical twilight, shortly afterwards the fog came in, HAlpha with some clouds and moon, after 4 subframes cloudy
image processing DeepSkyStacker 3.3.2, Photoshop CS4, PixInsight 1.5
remarks the bluish nebula on top is vdB 75